cannot figure out how to trigger preset changes in patchers

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Hello AudioMulchers-

I am still fairly new to this amazing software and I have had a lot of fun so far experimenting and creating patches that work as modes of improvisational composition. Anyway, I have 4 arpeggiator patches that each have specific presets that are used mostly as key changes. I would love to trigger these presets, or cycle through them, externally, either in the Metasurface or through a MIDI controller. Yet, having read the help files on Presets and Metasurface I cannot seem to find any solution. It seems like a huge weakness in the software if I can't simply assign an on/off MIDI controller (a pedal or drumpad, for example) to trigger presets, right? The only other solution I can think of is using other software that is better at this type of triggering like MaxMSP. I haven't even investigated the possibilities of creating an audiomulch object for Max, but I might have to. Any help to this newbie would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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well the parameter control, which is the menu where you can assign midi controllers to each parameter you find in any contraption, is one of the best things in Audiomulch.

Have you explored the following pages ?

you will find that AM is way easier to midi control than most of other similar ( if possible) audio environments.

Have fun !


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I think this is a similar issue as I've raised over in this feature request:

You can assign a single controller to the preset next/previous controls but not one to each, so it's possible to turn a knob to scroll through presets, but this is erratic because you're scrolling through 127 slots and the tiniest movement makes a big jump (although it might be possible to limit this with mix/max values). I also don't think you assign a controller to launch a specific preset. Either way, it would seem to make sense to me if the next and previous preset controls were treated as separate entities for the purpose of midi control, as in a live situation for a lot of people I imagine they probably only want to jump one or two presets at a time.


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@pgnwy: there is no way to assign a controller to "next/previous". There is a way to assign a controller to set the presets (as you described using the knob).

The way the mapping for presets is set up it is analogous to sending program change messages to a synthesizer. You send a different program change *value* to change the preset. The way you would set this up is configure your MIDI controller to send a different program change value for each button that you want to map to a different preset.

I am aware of the desire to map different CC numbers (not CC values) or different note events to trigger different presets. That's one of the things that is on the drawing board to explore for the extended MIDI mappings in AM 2.3.

But for now the easiest thing to do is just configure your MIDI controller to send the same CC number, but different CC values for each preset.