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Hello! New to the forum and AudioMulch in general! I am using AudioMulch, ASIO4ALL and Virtual Audio Cable to control/filter the audio for my vehicle's CarPC. I have everything setup and routed properly. I am now trying to set a bandpass filter to use for my mid-bass drivers. The plug-in I am using is called KarmaFX Filter. It can be found here. The filter gui looks as such...

I cannot seem to get the filter set to play bandpass from 60Hz to 250Hz. Can anyone give me a step by step on which options to configure. Thanks and my apologigies for such a newbish question. Have to start somewhere!


- sall

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1) Make sure the switch next to "TWO POLE" is on.

2) Hit BP for Band Pass mode.

3) Adjust cutoff to taste.

Hope this helps.