Audiomulch from PC to Mac. Advices, heads up... ?

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Once again I am considering to take this move and leave my pc laptop for live use.

I need to re-create my working environment, routings, midi setups and parameter controls.

Anything that will allow me to find my current pc setup on the Mac.

My main vsts are Melda production, Soundotys and Aether.

Any advice and help is greatly appreciated.

My decision will depend on what I hear here.

My main issue with PC is about its reliability, lack of consistent wifi communication betweeen my iPad ( which is my mail remote controller) and the time needed to keep checking up not working things...

Please no PC vs Mac things, I am on Pc since many many many years.


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As one who uses both platforms equally my advice is to be very wary of any updates from Apple.

Since Mountain Lion, the updates have, for me, been a series of small disasters. You may be following the current issues with Yosemite and File Player, so admirably fixed by Ross in such a timely fashion.

For me the key is to fine tune your system, shut down as many background apps and services as possible and wait 3 to 6 months before accepting any updates from Apple or Microsoft. Only suckers buy version 1.0. Good luck!

ps Given a choice, my various windows laptops have been more reliable than my various Apple kit; in 10 years of gigging my Dell never crashed. OTOH, my Mac (and others in my group who had powerbooks, imacs, mac minis, air, etc.) had a 33% crash/freeze/stall/sleep rate (every third or fourth gig).

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Hi Chris,

thank you for your advice. You go right to the points and, while I cannot say anything for Mac laptops, I can confirm that a dedicated pc laptop ( Asus in my case) has been solidly running through many many gigs and rehearsal.

Listening to your interesting work.


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For what its worth, Im running AM on a macbook. Have been smooth sailing thus far. I agree with delaurenti that the key is to keep the system as lean as possible.