Is AudioMulch compatible with 10.13.1?

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Hi Ross, I have been seeing a few folks asking baout the 64 bit upgrade and I guess my question is similar except for Mac. I need to upgrade my system and am about to jump from 10.10 to 10.13 and worry about the lack of 64 bit and whether AudioMulch will run (I've been hearing that this platform runs mostly 64.). it is rather vital as I use mulch for live stuff all the time and can't risk loosing all of my patches or indeed being stuck without my main perofmrnace tool. Any news you have or anyone else has would be gratefully appreciated. Very best, Karen

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If you mean on high sierra. Yes it runs, I'm running audiomulch on 10.13.6. 32 bit apps still run. Stuff llike PD extended still runs.