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Ross B.
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Ahem. It has taken longer than I estimated to complete development. I've just updated the roadmap to indicate that AudioMulch 2.1 will be released "during the first quarter of 2010." Sorry about that.

I am planning to release the first 2.1 beta to interested users at the end of January/start of February. This beta will _not_ include OSX AudioUnits support, which will be released in beta form during February. Depending on how development and testing goes I expect the final 2.1 release to happen sometime in March.

The key features which will be included are as previously announced:
- Time Signatures
- Audio Units
- Light Grey colour scheme
- Dynamics contraptions (Compressor, limiter)
- Completely re-written contraption reference help file pages
There are a few other minor tweaks.

We're also working on revising the way MIDI device settings are stored to better support plug-and-play configuration, especially on the Mac. It's too early to say if this will be ready for 2.1

Given that this is taking longer than expected there is very little chance that other requested features will be included in the update.

That said, I am keeping my eye on the small enhancements Feature Request thread, so if you think of anything small and important, please add it there:



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excited about 2.1, particularly the time signatures. Good stuff Ross!


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sounds awesome!