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hi all!

first post here, new AM user...and really convinced-glad with it :)

and apologies for my simple question, I´m already reading the manual and don´t have enough experience yet..have to dig into it.

here´s my question: what´s the best option to make a random amplitude modulation/volume "swirl" to, for example, a test gen, without using the automatization or external vst panner (in mono mode)´s possible with south pole?

( remember the Nebula pluggo??)

pd: an lfo module would be great into AM

all the best and apologies again,


Ross B.
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Hi. Yes you could do it with a random LFO in SouthPole modulating the amplitude -- Although the SouthPole random LFO is a stair-step sample-and-hold type thing, not a smoothly random modulation source. To get something smooth with SouthPole you could use the side chain input with the envelope follower to get a smooth modulator -- if you feed something random in, like noise modulated by another southpole LFO, you'll get a smoothed random modulation.

There's some blog posts on SouthPole which might help you understand how to use it...

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"pd: an lfo module would be great into AM"

Amen to that. :) !!!!

An LFO would absolutely kick ass, esp if they took inspiration from the way U-he builds theres an idea.

Although its simple enough to open a synth in mulch and use its AUDIO THRU so as to ROUTE YOUR SIGNAL THRU THE SYNTHS LFO's, and job done. Plenty of decent free ones around the place if you dont have one. But an LFO contraption , native, would still be really handy.

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wow! thanks a LOT for you explanations and tips (to both)
watching the south pole tutorials
all the best,

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double..ops! sorry