2.0 + 2.0 = 4.0 Output?

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Is there anyway to configure AudioMulch for 4.0 Output instead of 2.0 like using 2 AuxOutputs? I want to play music in Stereo over a pair of speakers and use another Stereo setup for speakers to run effects & reverbs.

At this juncture I'm left with but 2 options:

1) Buy 4.0 soundcard and control the 2 Stereo Outputs with AudioMulch. (More possibilities, less cost)

2) Buy a Multieffect DSP and run everything over the 2.0 Output of the soundcard (more practical)

Can this be achieved with AudioMulch? I can find no information on the net and I don't have a 4.0 soundcard yet to begin with.



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of course you can.

I would suggest you to go for option #1: 4 ( or more) outputs audio card. This way you can manage having different mixes/routings coming out from each stereo pair.


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Thank you for  your reply.

I'll go with that.