The Witness in the Wall - a multimedia theatre production

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Greetings all! My name is Daniel and I am involved with a project that will be playing at Newtown Theatre from September 10 until September 26. From October 1 until 5 it will be playing at the This Is Not Art Festival in Newcastle. It is a multimedia theatre production and I use AM2 extensively in pre-production and live performance.

From more info on the show visit :

Okay! Now all the official rubbish over let's talk nerdy baby! How do I use AM2 in this production?

*To trigger pre-prepared samples: I've set up a document with a handful of file players into a mixer which I then have clear visual feedback and control over. These are often manipulated further on the fly.

*To create loops: This is usually accomplished by setting up a sound in the ballpark of what I am after (varies according to the requirements) and then 'jam' in realtime (yay Metasurface!), using soundout to record the output. I then go back and grab the 'best bits' with an external audio editor, which are then played with a file player/loop player quite often being manipulated further in real-time.

*Real-time audio manipulation: As in, Soundin - this application is pretty boring as I am just feeding a guitar into an amp sim for some guitar parts. However the producer is wanting a couple of mics into my setup for the actors. Hopefully I can get this sorted before opening night!

*As a VST host: Yes I admit it...I use non-AM contraptions...I play some keyboard parts that are either recorded or played live and then manipulated more (see a pattern forming here?).

That's a brief run down, when I get a chance I might detail some other techniques I use and maybe go into more detail.


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I can't open your link !

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:( Hmmm, I managed to get the link to work from the forum Last night I also created a 'DJ' document for a scene in the production comprised of 4 loop players and 3 crossfaders (2 pairs into master crossfader) and then into post-processing (filters and various effects).