Performances in the Netherlands

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From June 12th until July 19th, I will perform some compositions as part of an art exposition focussing on Jeroen Bosch's 7 Deadly Sins. Seven artists from different backgrounds, each delivering 7 pieces of art, in my case seven musical pieces. I use a 6-channel surround system which I have named The Hexapan, and Audiomulch takes care of all movements of sound, treatments, panoramics and triggering things (it took too much time and effort to switch to a 7-channel system..........)

Dates are:

June 12th, 3pm

June 19th, 3pm

July 2nd, 8pm

July 17th, 3pm

The concerts take place at: Het Kruithuis, Citadellaan 7, Den Bosch

Visit us at:


Rob Rieter