Performance on May 18 in Holland

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rob rieter
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This message might be of use to a very limited amount of mulchers, but for those who live in the surroundings of Tilburg, Holland, Europe:

On May 18th, 2014, I will perform a few short compositions using Audiomulch along with a 6-channel surround system which I call the HexaPan.

Sounds entering AM are spread around the room, moving from side to side, while being treated and mulched along the way. I will use whispers, ChapmanStick, pianosamples, household sounds and some synths as sound sources, and most of the "panning and mulching" will be done live. This means I do not even know myself what will happen....

The place to be is:

Muziekpodium Paradox
Telegraafstraat 62
5038 BM Tilburg
The Netherlands 
tel.  0031.(0)13.5432266


The concert starts at 16.00 CET and will take about half an hour.

Due to the limited space, reservations should be made at the Paradox Club.


All best wishes,


Rob Rieter