merge into stripes gig, 23 January

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Merge Into Stripes are playing as part of Equine Nacht Musak at Horse Bazaar (Melbourne, Australia), Saturday 23rd Jan from 6pm!

Merge Into Stripes 6:30
Scratchplate 7.15
Dark Passenger 8.00
Aktion Unit 8.40

The night then continues at Pony with 4 more bands starting from 9.30. Free compilation CD with entry! Discounted entry to Pony if you come see us at Horse Bazaar!




Equine Nacht Musak
8 bands, 2 venues, Free Cd
Horse Bazaar & Pony, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Cost: $7 HB -$10/$8 Pony

Equine Nacht Musak is a Neumusak event being held over two city venues -
Pony & Horse Bazaar.

8 bands will play, there’s a free door Cd at each venue and discount entry
to Pony if you go to Horse Bazaar earlier (just present Cd to score

Bands: Deep Where All Drown (2nd return show), the not oft seen Daggers
Mid-Flight, Aktion Unit (last show before NZ Tour & this is a 3" Cd
launcheroonie for them), Paul Kidney Experience, Penguins (in full bando
mode), Scratchplate, Dark Passenger (first show for new Zac Keiller
project) and a rare performance from Merge Into Stripes.

Horse Bazaar leg of event runs from 6pm to 9pm - first band at Pony on at 9.30

Bring travelling gear and saddle up for your equine experience - good