LAST MINUTE THIS SUNDAY!!!! Royalchord Album launch featuring live Mulching at the Toff (VIC, Australia)

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Hey, fellow mulchers, very last minute notice here so apologies.

For Melbournian Mulchers this Sunday night there will be a night of dreamy girl pop featuring all manner of mulching.

Come and see Royalchord launch their new album "The Good Fight" at the Toff in Town.

Featuring Andrew "Baby Mulch" Bencina playing all manner of plastic pads to manipulate AudioMulch. The performance will feature live vocal processing, significant use of Mulch as a live routing environment, sequencing and scene automation, Mulch as a sampler and Instrument Host.

The perfect way to end a hot weekend. Sweet melodies, chilled atmospheres and AudioMulch.

Check out a review of the record here:

Check out the gig poster here:

I'm sure Mister Mulch will be there too so come and have a soothing ale and enjoy the tunes.