The Improvising Composer Workshop: Santa Fe, March 6

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[ Just noticed this, thought it would be of interest:]

The Improvising Composer project will be a day long event on March 6 devoted to digital music and the software used to create it. The day begins with workshops in interactive audio software featuring composers Martin Back, James Brody, William Fowler Collins, J.A. Deane, Philip Mantione and Christian Pincock. The workshops are followed by an early evening panel discussion moderated by long-time music critic and writer, Craig Smith of Pasatiempo and the day culminates with a live concert.

In the workshops, composers will discuss their use of software such as MAX/Msp, LiSa, Nodal, Plogue Bidule, Super Collider, AudioMulch, Kontakt3, Artwonk and Ableton Live. There will be demonstrations of custom built instruments and the use of micro-controllers such as the MIDITRON and Arduino to control external devices and capture sensor data. These sessions will provide invaluable information for composers, musicians, and artists that want to perform live, create interactive installations, or to simply get exposure to current software being used.

Craig Smith will moderate a panel discussion with the six participating composers. Topics will include improvisational systems such as Cobra, Conduction and Soundpainting, approaches to solo versus group improvisation, and the influence of technology on live improvised performance.
The evening will feature a series of six solo performances by each composer and a premiere performance of these musicians as a group. The six participating composers cover a wide breadth of experience and come from diverse backgrounds (see ARTIST BIOs below).

Check the link above for more details.