Full Audiomulch live set on next thursday

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I'm julien/protofuse and I'm a very new user of audiomulch.
you can read my bio here: http://protofuse.net/about or here:http://designthemedia.com/about

I perform live on this event : http://www.secondenature.org/Superfluidity-Electronic-Shadow.html on next thursday in France

I'll make a post describing my live set asap.
It is very new to me.

I'm also an ableton certified trainer, so usually, I use ableton live, even for my ambient/drone side.
Now, I guess I'll think about it twice each time.

All the best,

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Joined: February 4, 2011

for those interested:

it was a nice event and I enjoyed audiomulch a lot !

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Cool! C'est tres relaxant!

I was gonna ask how you about your setup but I just found a link on the page you posted with some pics.

Welcome aboard!