AudioMulch embraces binaural and ambisonic sounds

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Hi there

Pierre from France, sound recordist in the domain of spatial sound fields
AM fan but quite new user
Last Friday I used to run both my DIY binaural and Bformat native sets for a local radio celebration in a Casino
The dummy head (DYI) was standing at the VIP lounge (understand the bar) for taking up interviews and surrounding casino mood, while the Bformat miking was at the dance floor close to the master console
For the very first time I quickly learned and prepared a Metasurface control for my monitoring need, allowing me to smootly shift from the VIP area to the 3D sound space dancing place, on real time just with a finger skate or mouse move
Amazingly effective and funny!
I can't say how fantastic the metasurface concept is, go for it !!!!
I'm planning now to do it even better to produce a final mixdown that shall nicely move the auditory through the overlapping and progressive live sound recorded at both points

I just noticed a rather high buffer size needed to avoid clicks (1024), and had sound cuts within AM processing at regular time interval of a few seconds
Hopefully, the two front recorders contraptions (binaural plus extra mics for one, Bformat for the other) where not interrupted and stored all the multiple sessions without loosing data
Maybe this was due to the priority given to the audio storage against real time monitoring ?

Thank you Ross for AM, again
All people around hearth having similar focus in spatial sound as I have, can contact me for mutual experience reinforcement
All the best