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I have recently installed AudioMulch on a new PC. Basically it appears to be working fine, but I don't see the vst plugins any longer. When I first installed AudioMulch on this PC, they were displayed along with filters, effects etc. Now I don't see them anywhere, even though
- they are properly placed in the vst plugins folder
- I have used "browse" to once again point Audiomulch to this folder

Any idea what I could do to get them back? Uninstall and Reinstall Audiomulch?

Thanks for any hints!

Ross B.
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Hi Holger,

You are right that the first thing to check is AudioMulch's VST Plugin folder setting.

You could also try deleting AM's plugin cache file and restarting AM. The file is called vstplugins.cache, on my Windows 7 machine it's at:


Let me know if you can't find it or if this doesn't work and I'll try to suggest something else.



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Hi There


I am having the same problem. Any ideas what to do, please?  I tried the above but it does not show the vst folder in AM.  It used to, I recently reinstalled AM on this windows 8 laptop.

I can see the AM vst folder in the Windows explorer, but I cant select it from within settings in AM.

If youve any ideas, I will be greatfully yrs