Midi Matrix VST?

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Joined: February 19, 2012

Subject says it all really. A 'matrix' like the AM matrix contraption, but for midi instead of audio. Anybody?

Ross B.
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I'm not sure VST plugins can have multiple MIDI in and out ports (I think AUs can). So maybe this is something for a built-in contraption?

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Joined: February 19, 2012

Ahh okay. So apparently multiple midi in/outs was brought in with VST 3. It just seems that barely anybody has done anything with it since it was released... in 2008!

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(I don't know if there is one on the market, but i would need more a plugin for one midi-source that split up the keyboard in oktaves rather than routing different midi-sources to different locations. Only in this case, to route my one completely to other locations in time. The keyboard splitting one ,however, could distribute the oktaves like mulchs matrix, with one oktave assigned to two locations, too. )

Why do you want to make a mixing of many sources, prolapse? For me midi ins can exist without mixing alongside. But one midisource splitting up over time, make more sense to me? Or many sources doing different things on one destination. But not in whole?
(This is meant friendly)