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jet jaguar
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Are there any simple, free (or cheap?) MIDI sequencers that run as VSTs?

I've been using a thing called Phrazor inside Mulch 1.0. It runs as a VSTi inside Mulch, and is a host itself. So e.g. if I have some VST synth I load it inside Phrazor. All I see in the patcher in Mulch is Phrazor and one pair of outputs for all the instruments.

Since Mulch 2 can do internal midi-routing, there are some clear benefits in switching to a simpler sequencer VSTi that does nothing but send MIDI. The instruments can sit in Mulch's patcher and I can use Mulch's parameter modulation options to make everything go wrong. ;)


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I've been routing REAPER's midi output to MIDIYoke and into AudioMulch. It's very time consuming, but I don't have a keyboard or hardware controller of any kind so it's what I have to do.

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With reaper you can also use reaRoute which is a build in plugin for this.
It works quite easy.

jet jaguar
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Thanks for the replies so far.

I found [url=]a page in a Reaper wiki[/url] which outlines how to make that happen. I guess it doesn't seem simpler than what i currently do, sadly, but it is interesting.

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There's stepbeater:

Or the smaller stepchild it was based on:

Or if you want really simple, there's My First Step Sequencer:

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of options when it comes to MIDI-only plugins.

jet jaguar
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Thanks sigh up, will check them out.

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Love 'my first step sequencer' - thanks for the tip!

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i'm using reViSiT for this. works a treat

if anybody here has used trackers before...

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energyXT also works great with MIDI sequencing in audiomulch too. (and it's modular!)

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Mulch with Reaper is a perfect marriage, and two of the coolest and down to earth, decent setups both as business and pleasure!
I work for neither and have no vested interests except to see AudioMulch and REAPER achieve greater outcomes and give back to US.
The 2 best programs and the 2 cheapest/value for money with great support.
The Reaper forums are worth the license $ alone...and i hope to see these Mulch forums grow with enthusiasm and forward thinkers!!!!

jet jaguar
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Someone mentioned this in another thread on the forums.

Haven't tried it yet, but curious to give it a shot.

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its not free but a friend and infrequent poster on here just made a reaktor sequencer

the ensemble's free but you need to have reaktor for it to work

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Check out TemperVST (public beta)

Its abandoned in its beta stage but it seems to fully function. It may be the vst midi sequencer you have been looking for.

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Just looked at Temper - which I cannot use on Mac, alas - and it has recently been update, in case anyone cares.

I would like to ask the same original question but add Mac-compatability to the mix. I want to control with sequenced MIDI signals a drum plug-in (most likely Synapse Audio's EKS-9) from within AM. Not sure what the best solution is.

Thanks in advance.

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I agree,Mulch with reaper is the best combination and i would suggest you to do the same.Phrazor is also good but with Mulch 1.0 its better to use Reaper.Modulation options can always be manipulated by changing the parameters in it.It depends on you where you will output the audio file,suppose if you want to play the audio file in speakers then you have to change the parameters in the Mulch to fine tune the quality of the audio.So,to run the MIDI smoothly i would suggest you to go with Reaper.

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[quote]There's stepbeater:

Or if you want really simple, there's My First Step Sequencer:[/quote]

I've been using these two with no hassles. Great, simple, plugins!