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I currently have an external MIDI Keyboard that does its job, and a VST virtual keyboard in AudioMulch that also does its job when Im too lazy to make space on the table for my keyboard... so I can just click around on it with my mouse ^^ I use Fruity Loops to programm my melodies into a keyboard automation and then export to wav. Fruity loops, being what it is, a joke, beyond funny and ridiculous, unfortunately does something that I need and that audiomulch can not do. (how i play around in audiomulch) (how i finally automate melodies via fruity loops)


Now what I need is an automated VST keyboard that works for audiomulch, where you can program the notes and whatnot directly into the plugin, connect it to the next synthesizer, and simply press play letting the synthesizer do the music. I have searched, and searched and found no such thing. I was craving for it for the past 3 years, I dont really care anymore if, or how much it would cost, I would even pay someone to program it for me, I NEED it!!


Less important question, does anyone know any decent speech synthesizers? After trying a dozen or so I found somewhere on the net, Microsoft Sam sounded like Edith Piaf. Not important wether its VST or not, just need it to read some text for me.


thanks alot

regards, azul







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It's been a while since I was on Windows and used the FL demo. Isn't there a FL VST plugin? If so, does that put out MIDI from the step sequencer? If that's the case couldn't you just hook that up to VST plugins in AudioMulch or am I misunderstanding something? Even if FL VST doesn't put out MIDI directly it might be possible to capture with some MIDI utility like MIDI Yoke.

I would be surprised if you couldn't do this with Plogue Bidule...but the demo is standalone only (no VST/AU) so you wouldn't be able to try plugin before buying. Bidule has a ton of low/mid-level modules that let you build utility MIDI/DSP modules. Also it's probably possible with MAX and/or PureData or NI Reaktor but then there's a whole learning curve involved.

Also, Colin from Loomer is working on a modular meta-sequencer plugin that should be able to do something like that and much more...kind of a cross-platform Numerology on steroids. Lots of discussion on KVR but no firm release date.