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Hello one and all!

So It's been a little while since I've posted on AM forums. Good to be back!

Long story short, I was bored over the holidays at home with my parents, so I decided to write a short piece on Audiomulch, every day, for six days. I intended to do some sorta soundscapey / drone / ambient / minimalist stuff, because (A) it's different to the stuff I use AM for (electropop stuff with live vocal looping and such), and (B) I think AM lends itself to that kinda music, and (C) I'd been listening to a fair bit running up to this little project. I spent probably no more than about 1hr on each piece, then switched off my laptop and walked away, never to hear it again.

I came back to them about a fortnight later. They were a bit rough, more like sketches than a full on soundscape. So I ended up making them into little pieces (about 3-5 mins in length), using automation to bring about the changes that I'd kinda put into the pieces in the first place. Very few external samples were used, most of the sounds are AM-own. Long story short, I got them to a reasonably finished state, hit export, and here they are. The six pieces are presented in order they were made. They don't really sound a lot like how I intended them to sound from the beginning, but they've taken their own little direction along the way, as music usually does!

I've called the collection 'tourniquet', and you can listen to it at :


You can have a bit more of a read about the process on my blog, relevant posts here and here.

I've very much enjoyed the process, particularly using AudioMulch in new ways that I hadn't considered before, and I'm falling in love with this software all over again.

I'd love to know what you lovely people think. I will accept it's not perfect, but I was more keen to get my work out in the public domain than to spend months labouring over it (like I usually do....)

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for listening / reading.