New free download made in mulch: Hello, Star Eater

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Download at - please feel free to pay nothing to download + you can also listen without downloading.

OCTIF - Hello, Star Eater

All tracks made entirely in Audiomulch.

The tracks have a bit of a back story. In 1997 when I was first playing with CSound I had a track that was rendering and crashed. There were a bunch of files left over from the crash which were very glitchy/noisy. In 2001, when I first started using Audiomulch heavily, I took the sounds and did some in pieces based around each (using AM only). In this newest set of tracks I took a selection of the original pieces and remixed them, drawing out repeating elements to use in these fairly minimal electronic/ambient/chilly tracks. The tracks make very heavy use of a range of VSTs as well as using the drum samples that come with Mulch.

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