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jimmy behan
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AudioMulch was used extensively throughout these releases.

The Echo Garden (2009)
CD/Download | Audiobulb | AB020

Audiobulb (30 secs)
Myspace (full tracks)


In The Sudden Distance EP (2008)
Download | Zymogen | ZYM020

Free download:
320mp3 / FLAC (Zymogen)
320mp3 / VBRmp3 / FLAC / Apple Lossless / AAC (Bandcamp)



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Joined: June 23, 2009

loven the sounds there jimmy

keep it up

jet jaguar
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I was coincidentally listening to that Zymogen album a week or two back. Good stuff. I'll have to go back with technical ears primed now I know Mulch was used...

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i listen to these releases a lot recently. such overwhelmingly beautiful sounds and textures and so well composed.
i would love to know how you go about processing your sounds and field recordings in AM. because i´m pretty clueless.

all the best to you and your music.

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I like it Jimmy....beautiful sounds!