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Joined: June 23, 2009

Here's my first EP for the year. It's using a similar set up to past releases - all inside Mulch with the use of an old demo VST MIDI sequencer called Phrazor sending MIDI where needed.

First track is maybe technically most interesting - it's in a compound time signature, from memory the phrase goes one bar 7 4, one bar 5 4, two bars 4 4 - but I forget. :) Mapping that out over the structure of the track took a while... another tempo drop in the middle. Back half of the track all the elements play the same progressions but backwards. To achieve this I figured out structural changes I wanted to make using automation, then re-drew all the automation from right-to-left, and also resequenced every progression (the bass is an Arpeggiator through a SouthPole, so had to reverse those patterns too).  Then I exported the entire second half, reversed the exported WAV, and loaded back into a LoopPlayer.  Really tedious. :D :D

Happy to answer any questions.

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Your stuff sounds great as always: spacious, bouncy, with lush tones and fun arrangements.

I must pony up and make a donation soon! I should also finish some of the many in-process AM pieces I have floating around.

I really dig the low melodic sound in "Tram Lines" -- what is that?

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sounds awesome - great to hear some muching -all those tracks are solid

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I am really digging your sound! 

jet jaguar
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Thanks for the kind words, and sorry I didn't check back here sooner!

Winstontaneous, if you see this - the melodic sounds that comes in on the first beat, when the drums first come in, etc. is two Arpeggiators playing a sine wave, fed through a SouthPole to gate it, and then through a DLGranulator with a long delay time and tight range between minimum and maximum delay times so it's quite close to just a straight StereoDL effect but sounds more diffuse.

It later gets fed through a Nebuliser with similar delay settings and transpose set to +1200, i.e. up an octave each echo.

I can upload a patch of that particular sound since if my memory serves me right its all Mulch-internal contraptions...?

jet jaguar
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Oops, I forgot there's a reply function. Hopefully this sends you an email notification. :) I've answered your question now...