Hello all! plus a pile of mulchmusic

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Hello forum; Amos here... I've been a mulcher since 1998 or so, occasionally active on the mailing list but only just realised there was a forum here. Nice to meet you!

I have a hatful of files on my server to share, mostly live experiments in busy audiocollage, or interminable tweakings of parameters on endless loops. Probably not recommended for lovers of music theory and composition. Probably fine if you like noise, bleeps, drones, and outsider sounds. Also repetitive beats.

all mulched drones and field-recordings from the local scrap-metal yard... a thick atmosphere of granular storms and deep bass. This was played on German radio a couple years back, by Spheric Lounge.

Epic minimal tweakfest. One synth and one granulated beat, tweaked every which way for about 30 minutes. Could use some editing down, I reckon, but a fun listen for the monotonously inclined. Really does move about a bit over time. Some of my favorite examples of beat granulation in this one.

Something very different and rather fun. A mulched-remix of Mothra's theme song (as sung by the Heisei-era Cosmos Twins).

Out. Way out. But a little bit tuned in.

Lastly a live number (instruments & vocals running through Mulch in realtime) by my old industrial band, Veterans of Future Wars. This piece was originally composed in Audiomulch in 1999; back then we had to calculate how many audio buffers would give an eighth-note of latency at our given BPM, because the computers were so slow... ah times were tough I tell you. Also, the vocals are way off in the left channel because of some contraption-wiring mistakes. :-/