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jet jaguar
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Joined: June 23, 2009

Hi all,

I've been contributing to this and having a good time. Weekly sound art assignments, no pressure to contribute every week.

My contributions are solely using Mulch. I've done two so far, I'll continue to add them to this set on Soundcloud.

If you have any tech questions about them I'm happy to answer or even just zip / share the AMHs + sound files, although I do sometimes use commercial VSTs.

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Joined: December 29, 2010

Cool idea! I just drummed one up myself, for the "subtract only" challenge (only taking away from the given sound file, some waves lapping on a shore, was permitted). Three SouthPoles in parallel, each with its own rhythms, produced more or less a drum solo. Good fun! Thanks for the tip. (It was on your suggestion, by the way, as posted long ago on the Atom/mother list, that I bought AM. Thank you Mr. Jet.)