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Joined: March 10, 2011

Hi Audiomulch users,

The 3rd edition of the Crazy Mix (Mixage Fou in french) contest is open till march 13 00h00 GMT.
You have to make a crazy mix from the 10 sounds available on the website (all the effects are allowed...)


The only constraint is the duration: 80 seconds (you do not have to mix all the sounds, you can only use one part, but it is forbidden to use other sounds)

This year you can play in 2 formats : in stereo 2.0 and in surround 4.0. So each participant can play 2 times.

There are some nice gifts to win including Akai controllers and a 3-day stay in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival 2011.

There are 15 partners (juries) this year who each choose freely their favorite Crazy Mix (no 1st prize, no 2nd prize ... but the independent choice of each jury) There will be at least 15 gifts and probably 15 winners.

This contest is organized on a voluntary basis and receives no money in order to exist. You can help in giving this information to your friends around you.
I remain at your disposal.........

Good contest

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Joined: March 10, 2011

The 2011 edition is now closed.
There are 58 stereo crazy mixes + 15 surround crazy mixes (from 13 countries)
You can download all the crazy mixes here :

Stereo category

Surround category (headphone listening ready, discrete + binaural encoding)


You can vote for your best crazy mix to make win a studio headphone AKG K-240 MKII (offered by Magelis). Just send the name of the crazy mix before this saturday march 19 11h00 p.m. GMT to :

[url]mixagefou@gmail.com[/url] (1 vote per mail adress)

A big thanks to all participants for joining this event
The awards ceremony will take place on monday march 21 5h00 p.m. GMT on the contest website in direct !! (sorry but the ceremony will be in french only, all the awards will be written in english very soon after the ceremony)

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Joined: March 10, 2011

Here the winners list :D

20 winners in total !!

Géraldine Beal
Jason Vine
Laurent Rouzé
Fabien Bourbigot (surround category)
Nicolas Glorieux (surround category)
Luc Blanchard
Baptiste Houzet
Kaspar Torn
Mathieu Menart (2 prizes)
Guillaume Evrard
Jean Pierre Jimenez
Seb Vaillier
Romain Paulus
Cedric Vanderstraeten (2 prizes)
Maxime Romain
Vincent Monerri
Dimitri Guindet (surround category)
Jean Charles Regonesi
Cendrine Robelin
Elodie Fiat (surround category)

In order to know what they have won, you can download this document :


Thanks again for all contributions, please feel free to give some feedbacks about the winners sound.