Korg PadKontrol with Mulch?

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Anyone using the Korg PadKontrol with Mulch? I've moved away from the idea of a Launchpad due to its dedication to Ableton. The Korg comes in cheaper and looks more flexible. My mouse is hovering over the "Buy Now" button - any comments before the deed is done?

I like the limited edition black version - I've been a Korg Head since the MS20, so Korgs should be black in my book :)


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I know it is a slightly different thing, but I have been using the nanoPad and the nanoKontrol quite successfully. The software that comes with the hardware allows for loads of tweaking of midi output so your hardware does what you want in audiomulch.

So, I imagine if the padKontrol offers this kind of flexibility (which I imagine it does), it's probably worth it.

HOWEVER, the korg nano series is a great option - you can get loads of functionality for a greatly reduced price. I've had great fun with the two I have, which together cost about half the price of the padKontrol. And they're great on the road. Nice and light.

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Sorry, this is off-topic, but I too am a Korg lover, and still using an MS-20, MonoPoly and PolySix. (I also have a Roland SH101.) I'm really enjoying what AudioMulch does to the sound of these synthesizers, but now I want to start to sync everything, so I'm looking at Midi-to-CV converters. Does anyone have any recommendations? Specifically, I'm considering the Kenton Pro-2000 vs. the Encore Expressionist.

I'd be grateful for any insight.



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Locopomo, did you ever spring for the padKontrol? And get it working with AudioMulch? I was given one of these for Xmas (not the black one) - my first such controller, so I have some learning to do. But I did plug it in and immediately got a range of drums to sound with the built-in MIDI assignments (using a software drum machine called Microtonic.)

I am curious, though, to know what else is possible, what you might have been doing with this controller connected to AM.

(By the way, my son got the Korg miniWavedrum, which is great fun!)

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I have used it primarily with triggering the matrix modules. It is a little bit of a pain to set up, because each area of the matrix needs to be connected to a specific pad. As far as I can tell there is no way to just connect the Pad control to the matrix, but I found it was worth effort and is a lot of fun.

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I've a PadKontrol and i use with with AudioMulch with satisfaction.
About the LP : yes is dedicated to Live but look even at his integration with Numerology or the fact that with Monomulator you can use the majority Monome's application.

@ drlids :
the Kenton Pro 2000 but look powerful but the Encore Expressionist that has great feature as Four LFOs with separate MIDI channels with a ton of waveform.
As i use a modular i'm on Silent+ Es-1 and really satisfied : great integration with every DAW and even with Audiomulch

happy new year