How to trigger a sample from begging to end

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I am trying to use a nanokontrol2 to play a sample using the file player contraption
I right click the play button to activate Quick map then press a button, everything works nice
The problem is that my sample plays just while the button is pressed, as soon as I let go it stops
Then if I make it into a toggle it plays until the end but the next time I press the button it toggles off so it is not good for triggering samples

What's the right way of doing this?
All I want is to play a sample from beginning to end


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Probably whatever midi message the play button on the nanokontrol is sending is being followed by another midi message (off value) when the button is released. If it is possible to set it up to only send a message when the button is pressed, do that. Otherwise setting the button you are using to send the same off value as the on value should do the trick.

Alternately in AM setting the threshold value to zero in Parameter Control /mapping may do the trick.


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If you are on Mac you can use midi monitor to see what message come out from you NanoKontrol
i've found it very useful to debug and see you midi message traffic