Document Switcher Midi

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There's been some forums about this already but I still can't figure this out. I bought a small akai usb synth to use to switch projects with the document switcher. The akai is able to produce Note Velocities from 0 to 127. When I set the document switcher to this synth it recognizes it, and adjusts to control type Note Velocity. I set the Document Switcher note number in the preferences to 0. I then go to the document switcher window with multiple projects in the docket. When I play 0 on the synth it will open up the first project on my document switcher but no other key will open up any other project. I can't figure out why. Whatever number I switch the note number to in preferences its the same story. The first project will open but nothing else will. Please help since I'm trying to play some shows coming up and would love to get this working!