Control AudioMulch using iPad

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Joined: April 28, 2011

Has anyone had success controlling AudioMulch via an iPad? Any tips about apps or setup?

Thanks in advance!

JM Charcot
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Sure, you should have a look at TouchOSC :

Kind regards,


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I have no experience with it, but just saw notice of a program called Lemur for the iPad - an emulation of some hardware with the same name. It works with MIDI and OSC and is claimed to control everything: software, lights, you name it. $50 in the iTunes store. More here:

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Joined: July 11, 2011

I use an iPod touch 2g and Touchosc to control the metasurface with great fun

Ross B.
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Joined: April 11, 2009

amsonx: what's your setup to map touchosc messages into AudioMulch? Are you just using the TouchOSC Bridge? Does it send 14bit CCs to AM?

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Joined: July 11, 2011

Hi Ross, I'm use the TouchOsc Bridge but i want try even with Oscuiator.
About the 14btt CC, no TouchOsc don't seems send the NRPN message.
There are another iPod(iPad app that send RPN and NRPN , Miditouch , i've got it but never tried this feature

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Joined: July 11, 2011

ok , an update, i've got an iPad and the Lemur app that send NRPN so i can do some test on this