Cirklon Hardware Sequencer

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Im Currently getting really good results using a Cirklon sequencer.

This has 64 Midi tracks with unlimited bars and CC sequencing with LEARN

So far Ive been doing low level stuff such as animated filter sweeps which I can use accumulators with. Everything is working great due to the overview aspect AM provides. I got the sequencer to find a replacement for Ableton and to avoid using a computer to sequence hardware. 

So far the clock in AM is Slaving pretty good.. Some of the typical Jitter slop is there.. but there isnt a software or computer on this planet aside from the Atari that can do it jitter free. Add an innerclock box and its gone.. but somehow its too pricey for just that purpose. 


i highly reccommend this sequencer, Its almost impossible to describe how it makes workflow change, AM and Cirklon will be making some babies soon :)