Anyone tried a Vestax VCM600 or Novation LaunchControl XL?

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I like the idea of both of these - the first for the sheer scope it might offer, the second for portability.

Novation have assured me that the XL will happily learn via Mulch's quick mapping. Vestax, sadly, have gone bust, but these units are still around. Can anyone tell me if each of this aircraft carrier's 73 (count 'em!) knobs and sliders could really be quick-mapped to a Mulch parameter?!

Dave Wiz
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Hi mate.

Never used the XL. Not a big fan of Novation gear tbh. Ok if you like plastic scratchy stuff.

I had a 49SL Remote and two f the pots failed a couple of weeks out of warranty.

I contacted Novation but they wanted £45 just to look at it and extra cash for  repair and parts on top.

They didn't seem to care that I was pissed off that it had gone faulty and pointed out that a twelve month warranty was just that so it remains unrepaired and unused.

Ok the Vestax.

Buy a VCM-600 if you can. You can use it as a mixer in all programs. It works great with Audiomulch as well as being a standalone Live controller it maps no problems to FL Studio, Tracktion, Studio One etc.

There arent many items of gear in my setup I would buy again. it's solid and it looks like you mean business and you won't be dissapointed.

Sad to hear Vestax are now out of business so get one while you still can.

Hope this helps