Use of number keys with presets in timeline and contraptions.

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When placing presets in the automation timeline it would be a big click saver to be able to hit the number of the preset we want right away and have that become active without having to click on the preset, hit the number key and hit enter.

Perhaps for numbers above 9 if you hold shift while entering the number if does 2 digits. Or holding shift you have to hit enter to confirm? But I've never used over 100 presets myself!

For contraptions, how about after clicking the preset button, number + enter to recall, shift+number+enter to store? And then the preset window closes as normal. Personally, I'd get a lot of use out of a keyboard (or MIDI) key I could hit to activate "add new preset" too. Anyway.

I think this would speed things up because it'd let you use the mouse and keyboard together more fluidly.