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Jos Smolders
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Joined: May 12, 2010

I have always thought this to be a no-brainer and would be implemented in the next build but it still hasn't materialized: time indication of the file player. I can see how many seconds long the file is but I always have to make a guess about where 'the cursor' is during playback or when I want to punch in.

In another post Ross said "The FilePlayer is intended to be a free running contraption... like having a reel to reel tape deck". My reel to reel has a counter so I can see where to start / stop / punch in, etc.

Can we have this (basic) feature?

Ross B.
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Joined: April 11, 2009

Yes it will be in 2.1 (but you know that now :-)

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Joined: July 21, 2009

Any chance it could be a visual waveform with start and end points which can be moved?

Now that would be sweet.


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Joined: June 25, 2009

time indication & waveform view with movable start-end points would be wonderful for 2.1.
I hope it's not something hard to implement & it will make it easier for me to leave Live completely.
I could imagine of it like a suprise gift from Ross for the users waiting the release of 2.1 :)
built-in tape player/recorder would be another pink wish:
btw could be off-topic but my green wishes are:
- finding a proper way to implement multi-core support for modular environment. I'm not sure how good Bidule is as an example implementation.
- Granular design
- Keyboard control
- AM as a AU/VST plugin

Ross B.
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waveform view with movable start-end points would be wonderful for 2.1.

Sorry to dissapoint but this is way in the future, not something that could happen for version 2.1 (which will be released in the next few weeks). I appreciate your wishful thinking but software development doesn't work by wishful thinking (unfortunately). With new features come the potential for new bugs and stability issues, so such new features require careful planning, testing and making sure things are done right -- not rushed in at the last minute.

Just so you understand: these features do not get implemented overnight, they take a lot of work. In this case, I think we're talking about about weeks if not months of work to implement waveform overview properly in AudioMulch (assuming I only work on that, which is unrealistic given all of the other stuff I'm working on). Movable start-end points is a separate matter but I can see that taking a while too.

It will happen eventually but it is tied in with some other future work related to sound file streaming and multi-processor support.

Thanks for the input :-)


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Did I read multi-processor support? :)

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Joined: June 25, 2009

merci for the rational reply to my wishful inputs Ross. it's nice to share my (near/far) future expectations.

JM Charcot
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Maybe an interesting addendum to the waveforms would be an enveloppe, basic with four points would be enough, to have fade in / fade out included in the file player..