Three things I've always wished Audiomulch had

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Audiomulch has been my live and studio workhorse for years, and there are recurrently three things I constantly wish I had. they are:

1. The ability to control the arpeggiator from a MIDI device - i.e. a keyboard. If I was able to key in notes from an external device it would mean I wouldn't need to rely on mouse clicks or presets, making it an even better improv tool.

2. Hold-and-drag for SouthPole/Bassline/Arpeggiator step sequencer. It drives me nuts having to deselect every note value for these contraptions individually. If I could just hold my mouse button down and drag across the step sequencer to deselect them all, it would make working live a lot faster.

3. Data entry for Drums contraption via MIDI i.e. being able to "key in" drum notes via a drum controller or keyboard. If I could record enable a track on the contraption and then record a few notes for a loop it would, again, make improv a much more painless process. At the moment I do most live drum improv on external hardware.

Thanks for reading Ross - let me know what you think. Really excited about seeing what's in 2.1!


Ross B.
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Hi J

All good ideas. Thanks for taking the time to write.

The good news is that (2) is already implemented in the AudioMulch 2.1 pattern editors.

I was just discussing something like (1) today.. using a MIDI keyboard for note entry for things like Arpeggiator, Bassline notes, 5Combs etc. I could imagine that happening, as to when I get around to it, I'm not sure -- it's probably somewhere near/behind push-through fader control and MIDI fader feedback though.

(3) is kind of un-possible (sic) right now -- it would have to be left until after the automation recording/undo re-work which will happen for AM2.2 (which will also lead to undo/cut/copy/paste in pattern editors like there is now in Automation). I can see how it might be useful though. I am wondering whether LiveLooper would offer similar functionality for live jamming though.


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After getting back into Mulch very recently, I was about to come on and suggest pretty much exactly these things!

ATM, I'm using a Bidule/AM combo - while it works, I hate the idea of running two audio processing programs at the same time.

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5combs is one of my favorite contraptions.

i've never thought it was missing anything.

if you do add midi input for note selection i hope everything else about it will be unchanged.. or if you make changes maybe just make a original one available as is and make the "improved one" available as an additional contraption?