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This isn't really a high priority on my list of FRs but it's something I'd definitely like to have and I'm not sure if it's been asked for already, so thought I'd add it here...

I'd like some kind of synthesis-based drum contraption that could trigger kick/snare/hat sounds as per your usual grid method, but where you also had control over the envelope and pitch of that sound. At the moment you can kind of get this by using a Test Gen and a lot of automation (or possibly Southpole?), but it would be nice to have something that didn't use loads of contraptions/space and was quicker to use.

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very cool idea, though I agree that maybe it is a little bit far from audiomulch's core concept.

I've used the VST plugin "microtonic" to do synthesized drum patterns in audiomulch with some success. Probably the best drum synth out there, besides maybe the Image line Drumaxx plugin (which is unfortunately not very stable when I use it).

sounds like this :)

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theres a million free drum synths out there that will do all this and more.

+1 for MicroTonic.

Time and energy would be better spent coding a MIDI editor so we could host Battery and Kontakt and get the most out of our synths.
Theres apps like Temper, but something native in Mulch would be ideal.

Azul Baroniss
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Not quite to the subject but did anyone ever have this problem, if you have lots of stuff in the drumkit extendet over more than 50 Bars that the Scroll Bar doesnt work properly anymore? Just resize the Window of the Drumkit and its fixed again =D.

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Yes, I agree a midi editor would ultimately be more useful - and I was thinking of something kind of similar to Stomper I guess (blast from the past - I hadn't thought about the program for a while until I went through that list you posted) - I think it's just one of those things I'd quite like done natively in AM, although I'm not really sure why.