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The main idea is to let the contraption (something like bassline, something like sspat) rule the swing not the timeline directly. However, the Rythmic Units influence the output: in sspat only those of the main timeline (or container), in bassline only these of itself.

The main workflow is as follows: you set the length of the swing e.g. 1/16 (note length). Then you choose which step of these should swing, means, e.g.every fourth 1/16 is shorter, while the others get longer. But to have your first result you must turn a intensityfaktor either up or down.
1/16 is now expandable with two of this setting possibility.
Two additional, more featured swing-rules deals with the rest of odd timesignatures and/or are more global swings. For example the last third (1/3) is longer, but only, if the Rythmic Unit has 1/3. If not the second setting of these is activated e.g. 1/4.
Maybe there should be just the possibility to choose, whether it's the first type (is used every time) or the latter (is used only when there is no rest) or a third(define the length of the rest of the former one)!

1.little, and different swings everywhere in the pattern.
2.(little or) larger ones that adapt to the timeline markers.
3.automatable intensity controlls
+different swings for different contraptions

4.A Crossbox for pitch influence for each swing(bassline)
5.maybe a conditionvalue like swings,if the timeline marker is completely devisable to e.g. three vor every swing-rule.

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The periode in which the contraption is swinging is important, which limits are untouched. For example the swing refreshes on every bassdrum.
The second data is the swing itself.
This was unclear in my post above: the swing unit as well as the sync period exists several times to make more complex swings.
For example you can make a swing that gets faster to the end by entering a 16/16 and 4/4 with the period of a full bar both.

PS: Think of a pitch influence option for each separate

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2. Ross, you can make something different. We have swing more under control, when we could tipe in position shift times (per note) that do not resulting in overlapping of notes. Their duration adapts to their neighbour. In this variation you must hear exactly. Maybe if we could mark one note and bind it to our bar. This should stay at this point.

Something for playing would be, if there were an intensity knob. The swing would sweep into no swing. No idea what you do with the bound note. Maybe we are able to bind a note only at its normal position.

I think its too complex to make more than one swing and intensity knob between which you can crossfade, but it would be nice.