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Joined: August 16, 2009

The 'scroll to Follow Playback' button is not sticky. I believe it is meant to be like this but it can be very annoying!
I just want it on all the time, but if you click anywhere in the automation window it turns off. I'm forever re-clicking the icon!

An option to turn on and leave on would be good.


Ross B.
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Hi Andy

Someone else raised this issue with me a while ago.

The problem as I see it is that if it doesn't turn off it's very difficult to edit the automation while autoscroll is enabled. How would you see this working?

In hindsight I suspect this is a good reason why some apps scroll a page at a time rather than continuously like AudioMulch currently does.


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Hi Ross

Ahh I see the thinking now.
I think this is a live mode versus edit mode problem. For live work how it is at the moment is good but for editing/compositional work I think having it on all the time is better
Maybe a preference to 'Latch Autoscroll' then. Or I suppose a choice of 'continuous or page scroll'.