ON SCREEN Graphical representation of the beat pulse as live silent metronome

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I've just posted a query about Mac plugins which may serve this role but it occurs to me that Mulch, with it's strong focus on live on stage performance, may be predisposed to such a feature.

Basically a silent metronome which uses a graphical display of the pulse and the beat position within the bar. Xoxos blinker plugin is a fine example, allowing some configuration of the amount of blink but i must say it's black and white colour scheme is fairly full on and i felt like i was in an interrogation scene within a kubrick film.

Ideally something resizable and either tied into the dark and forthcoming lighter mulch colour schemes or color configurable.

For me, this in addition to a tap tempo functionality would be quite handy in moving between playback active and inactive states, particularly with mulch's ability to generate and process sound with the clock stopped.


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Both of these things (visual pulse and TAP tempo) would be very useful.

Good call!

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tap tempo would be great! so too the visual pulse.
cheers ross

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Tap would be very useful.

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A very enthusiastic +1

I'm new to AM but it seems so well suited to live performance, and a tap tempo and silent metronome would be a very handy live performance tool. It would definitely be a huge advantage when interacting with live acoustic musicians without resorting to click tracks, or a theatre show, etc, where the tempo needs the freedom to move around a little.

I'd even go so far as to say that the one thing that could sway me towards purchasing the full version at the end of my trial would be the inclusion or promise of this feature....

....well I'll probably still buy it anyway, but you see my point! :) I'm very rapidly becoming a fan!

Ross B.
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If anyone can recommend an existing program (or hardware device) which has an excellent tap tempo feature I'd be interested in checking it out.



Al Magnifico
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The ultimate hardware solution is the ploytek 32one pedal

Another hardware solution, more focused in analyzing audio and extracting bpm like the Soundbite Micro http://www.redsound.com/products/soundbitemicro

There is a very elaborate standalone solution called InTime from http://www.circular-logic.com/products.html It extracts a tempo from incoming MIDI, it is meant to control the tempo of a MIDI-backing by your solo performance. Good for keyboarders, for the rest of us it's oversized IMHO

In Ableton there is a builtin Tap tempo/push/pull function.

I'd prefer the 32one solution as a built-in feature as it is very sophisticated.

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Ok as the man who started this thread I feel I've been amiss in not reporting a solution (on windows at least) I've found for one aspect of my post. Tap tempo.

I found that by using the Soma Tap Tempo plugin (freeware), mapped to control the tempo parameter,


in combination with a MIDI Out VST Plugin (Take your pick there are a few about) some MIDI note filtering plugins and a MIDI loopback device I was able to create an internal tap tempo feature within mulch which could be tapped with the mouse or from an external device.

I have played quite extensively with InTime and while it's very powerful I found that in purely tap tempo mode, the fact that it's starting and stopping a MIDI clock sequence ended up playing havoc with my live performances which constantly jump around and reset the Mulch clock position.

This method effects only the BPM parameter and has no effect on the transport or clock position which just made it the best solution for mulch. Unfortunately I wasn't able to incorporate nudge faster and nudge slower options into this tempo control but aside from that, at least for windows users, it's the equivalent of having tap tempo in mulch and it works a treat

If you're on windows then you can add the blinker plugin to this rig and also have the visual metronome covered.

Time to break out the chequebook and register dmt :)