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I get an idea about sampling like LiSa X: A contraption that has besides an audio input, two midi-inputs. The "trigger" midi input shows the contraption when the sample beginns and ends (so the length, too). The second midi input shows the contr. when the sample record audio (silence at the rest, (to make it loopable)), but more important_ the second input binds the whole sample to its key. The sample can be played now by this key.....

What is possible:

  • -after triggersignal released, and a still pressed key, the sample begins to loop!
  • -with the trigger pushed and hold,  every new key bind the coming sample to itselves. Old key do looping, if still pressed, but do not record any more, released: no record no looping of old sample
  • -the trigger input is able to have a second trigger, pushed, that marked a new sample within the continuing record of the first(still possible: pressed key of first or second trigger: record/, released key: silence )
  • -while there are two triggers, two parallel records are possible the whole time, even with a third key
  • -If both triggers start at the same point, and both keys are stroke, the lower key(pitch) is bound to the lowest trigger(pitch, midi number)
  • -if both triggers start at the same point, and only one of two keys is stroke, and one sample ends, the stroke key is bound to it.
  • -if there is a first trigger and it ends before the second, three situations can happen: Its key is pressed at the one-trigger-period: can immediatly be bound to it/
  • its key is the only key pressed before end: bound when sample ends/ both keys are stroke in the two-trigger period: Trigger(pitch, midi number) to key (pitch)
  • -the two midi inputs are for simplicity in midi source handling, an implement of a split key contraption is possible then, too.
  • - envelopetime for trigger (automated with metasurface or midi-pedal or so on): a trigger-time under envelope is interpreted as a start /stop signal for sample. If you do record like this (not per triggerhold) every keyhit will plays once this sample afterwards sampling(if key is in triggertime).Sample loops (if key longer than
  • triggertime, but can be released then)!
  • -for studiocomposing: samples are saved while project saving, in the same file and can be viewed and drag/drop in the sampling contraption properties( sorted by keys and and timeline)

I don´t know if I made a mistake, but it´s an suggestion