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Joined: June 23, 2009

A couple of things have just come up whilst I was using AM...

1. Reverse audio: No way to do this at present and it's such a useful tool, I wonder if it could be incorporated into the file and loop players?

2. Select All: As a laptop user, I'm forever trying to get my contraptions to sit neatly on screen - it would be good to be able to select multiple contraptions and move them all at once within the properties window. At the moment I have 8 loopers all stacked up and i want to move them up a bit. It's going to take 8 times longer than I'd like it to!

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Joined: June 25, 2009

yes, reversing would be nice,
would prefer it as contraptiuon though.

and for wish Number2:
you wanted to modkey+click one contraption and select all of its kind?
or just select more than one contraption?

have you tried click/dragging to get the usual selecta-a-box?
or if to many unwanted contraptions would get selected as well:

'shift' is your friend, and very selective...

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#2 - I want to be able to move more than one contraption at a time in the 'properties' window (this is what it's called when you mouse over the icon in the menu to open/close it, i would just call it the 'main' window!)

All shift does is allow you to select more than one contraption in the 'patcher' window, doesn't it?

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Joined: June 25, 2009

well tarnation:
you are right!

while I did think you meant the patcher,
I never noticed:

If you select more than one contraption in patcher, they all get highlighted in main also, but alas as soon as you click on one you just get the one.

funny, I thought patcher&main worked the same in that regard...
would be practical if they would then ;)

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You can do reverse audio by putting a sample into bubbleblower and then moving the inskip sliders backwards. Maybe not what you wanted but an interesting sound, in fact I am going to play with it now. Thanks, you prompted me into a new discovery

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Just new to the demo, so I don't know all the ins and outs yet, but I had a similar thought about a reverse option... actually I'd love to be able to see the audio waveform in the file player and be able to select/loop small sections of an audio file. Automation on the loop points would be great too.

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right click> select> and drag to move multiple contraptions would be ace...same same reverse audio

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Yes a simple toggle switch on the loopers and fileplayers for reverse/pingpong playback would be very nice!

As for the properties pane, I have one feature suggestion that may make things more manageable: folding contraption displays. When I double click on the contraption's title bar, it folds and only the title bar becomes visible. Further enhancements to this could be:

- A special fold mode where only automated and/or MIDI controlled parameters are displayed (maybe only as number boxes instead of knobs and switches)

- tiny squares for each input and output on the title bar, showing audio going in and out of contraptions, just like the patcher pane.

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Joined: June 23, 2009

"When I double click on the contraption's title bar, it folds and only the title bar becomes visible."

This is totally on my wish list - I've mentioned it to Ross in an email too. I think it is really valuable for live performance where the last thing I want is to have to scroll up and down/left and right. There are some contraptions (gains, sound out, eq) that take up a lot of screenspace but I would only want to check occasionally during a gig. Being able to expand/contract would be a great way of achieving this this.