recording of snapshots

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There must be a fast way to create or change snapshots, while Mulch is playing.

1.A fast change requires that the snapshot is visible, best all the time, that it is audible, worthless if all the time,
that it remembers the changes, best all the time, but save only, if you want.
You can imagine the song best and can make a live patch, if you hear the other snapshots, too, and on their right place, but optically, it is better at hand.
A record mode in the snapshot-dropdown-menu can do it(solo snapshot)
This way you have time to change a snapshot in its structure, save it, or discard it by unsoloing.

2.To create a new snapshot two things are additionally important:
A substance, you can build on, and the right place, immediately.
This is the workflow: You solo a blank snapshot, you choose the right places for flags, set them or enter the number in an existing (in both cases you hear no changes, means nor flag or number-change),
load any other snapshot or let the blank one, work on it, and if you save, all things get audible immediately. Until you save, the flags, that was there before, had a red number of the former snapshot.
If you want to hear your snapshot, solo an existing, your material, and then press create new snapshot(exists right now), unsolo the former and solo the new existing.

P.s. to 1+2 the load button and the switching-arrows load a copy in the soloed snapshot