Recoding AM's output

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Am I missing something?

I have my DAW sending midi out via the IAC bus, into AudioMulch, to play midi instruments.
My DAW also sends out Midi Sync to start and stop AudioMulch.

I want to record the output of my midi instruments in AudioMulch so they begin precisely on beat 1, so that I can subsequently import that audio file into my DAW and it will line up with audio I already have in my DAW.

There seems to be no "Start Recording on Midi in" or "Start Recording when clock Starts" option in either of the methods of recording out of AudioMulch.

Or is there?

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I mean 'recording' not 'recoding'!

Ross B.
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Hi Andy

You can Automate the RecordActive property of the FileRecorder/SoundOut to start it recording.

Or you could loop back the audio into your DAW and record there.