Random and step-LFOs using Timesignature

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Hello Ross, Hello others

There are LFOs possible that change their values with the timesignature:

  1. Step-LFO: one value per signature randomly, or like a kaskade.
  2. Fluid LFO: rise and falls with a random value a signature
  3. Attack LFO: a random value is reached with attack,hold, decay, like southpole but useful, to automate e.g. 10 harmonics-pitch or key-stroke, or produce crackels: Maybe worthless because of Envelopes, but think further

OR combine/ assign them to one value


  • With audiomulchs steps, instead of a pianoroll a lot of easy to use programming (automation) is possible.
  • Audiomulch could be more intuitive and powerful than ableton live, and have the same live -usefulness but be more an living instrument with intuitively programmed behaviour.
  • The modular concept is expandable
  • The only thing that could never be reached is the same feel like to draw notes in a pianoroll....


Impatient to hear from you, to share my dream of audiomulch