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Just a comment regarding the preset interface in audiomulch 2 vs. 1.

I was wondering what the motivation for the interface change was. One nice thing about the v1 interace was that it was very compact, so you could get your mouse over to any of the presets very quickly in a live situtation. Consider that the distance between any two presets was relatively small because of the square-ish form factor.

Maybe I'm biased because I'm too used to the old interface, but the interface feels a little clunky and slow by comparison.


Ross B.
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The motivation was to support having more than 20 presets (version 2.2 does) and to allow renaming presets. You can also drag to reorder them. It's also a more standard way of representing presets. There is also a vague long term goal to unify the interface for contraption presets and metasurface snapshots. 2.2 is a step in that direction.

Exactly what are you finding clunky and slow about the new interface? perhaps it can be fixed.

There have been more changes to the contraption preset interface for 2.2 -- if you want a chance to send some feedback before it's released email and I'll send you a build to try.