pitch shift (note) for the loop player

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Drake Sandalson
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I use the frequency shifter quite a bit but I'm really wanting sometimes to change the pitch.
- at any bpm, could the loop be analyzed and shown what pitch it is in.
- can the pitch be changed to actually create song structure.
Adding more loop players with different song pitch takes up time.
Along with the crazy sounds you can produce, this would add such depth to a project.

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You can use the DLGranulator as a pitchshifter. Here's an example, with presets for each semitone up for an octave.


I've stuck an EQ after it, just to filter out high frequencies to minimize aliasing, but it isn't necessary. It isn't a perfectly artifact-free way of shifting pitch (a native PSOLA-based pitchshifter would be great, tidiest form of shifting I've heard), as there's some flanging/echo, but try tuning the parameters to get it to your liking.

There's no way to show pitch with native modules in Mulch, but you can use a tuner plugin. I like GVST's GTune, but there are others around:


Drake Sandalson
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Joined: June 23, 2009

Yes, this seems to work well if I control the sound (Eq'ing).

Thanks for the link as well.
Very helpfull!