Piano Roll Alternative - Single Note Trigger

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David Routledge
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I'm not so convinced Ross should focus his energies on creating a piano roll contraption.
However I do think a contraption like Bidule's Manual Note would suit AudioMulch's minimal, flexibility-oriented style quite nicely.
All it is is a single MIDI note trigger where the frequency and velocity are separate variables (sliders in Bidule), with a gate switch and a button to send the trigger. All of this can be automated, and as many note triggers can be plugged into an instrument as you want.
This would be great as a contraption controlled by AudioMulch automation, and/or the Metasurface.
It's an outside the box approach to MIDI note control/sequencing that suits AudioMulch.
In the case of the Metasurface, having specific notes triggered at specific locations is great.
Not being locked into specific frequency ranges can open the door to microtonal experiments (provided the instrument allows it).
Two other contraptions that would tie into this nicely would be a trigger/gate clock, and an lfo.
Both with the option to sync, to varying degrees, to the over-all BPM.

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Agreed, something simple like this would be perfect and fit very well within the AM paradigm...

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I also think that the piano roll style sequencer is best left to other apps or plugins, but do (also) feel a native modulation generator in the form of an LFO and/or step sequencer would be invaluable.

Maybe I'm not quite getting what you're saying here, but couldn't the functionality you describe be rolled into the scope of a LFO/Step sequencer? If this imaginary contraption had an arbitrary number/range of steps (1 to 127 for example) and variable number of assignable tracks (ie MIDI note on track 1 and velocity on track 2 etc) tracks with the ability to synchronize to time units and/or trigger steps manually or via automation would that do it?

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Bump.  I think this would be great. i really want to keep using mulch, and this would make a big reason to stay exclusively in it.