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I think I've asked you Ross about this in an email already about a year ago but I am curious about your updated view on this. Also I am curious as to the thoughts of other users on this subject.

I would like to see OSC implemented alongside MIDI as a way to control things.

The way I see it Audiomulch is an absolutely amazing program in terms of synthesis. All of the basic building blocks for synthesis are there. Some contraptions are absolute genius in their design and functionality. An infinite potential exists in Audiomulch through modularity and combinatorics.

I feel what is lacking is more fine grained control.
I have in the last more and more turned to SuperCollider for the addition of bells and whistles to AudioMulch in the control domain.

MIDI is a very old standard. It's bandwidth is extremely narrow. I run into a lot of trouble using it to control Audiomulch from SuperCollider.

OSC is the perfect candidate for fine grained control. Fast, accurate and reliable.

People used to ask why they should implement OSC in their programs when there are so few controllers that make use of OSC.

As of this writing there are over a quarter of a billion iDevices sold. I am using one to write this post.

Software to send and receive OSC wirelessly can be downloaded for free.