Naming AuxIn+Outs?

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Joined: July 20, 2009

it would be cool if we could individually name AuxIn and AuxOut contraptions, like, give them dedicated aliases, instead of just auxout1 and auxin2 or whatever.

yes, i know they can be renamed once placed into the patcher window, however, the outs and ins on my soundcard are always setup so each set is routed to or from a hardware effect, or a channel on my mixer or whatever. it would be cool to have recognisable names in the contraptions list, rather than trying to remember what auxout2, 3, 4 and 5 all go to.

just an idea.


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Yup - like 'Input/output name aliasing' in Reaper. In the Preferences menu, you can choose to name your inputs and outputs by calling them, for example:

MOTU 828 Analog In 1 as opposed to SoundIn or My Synth as opposed to Aux1

I agree it would be a useful feature.

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it would be great to be able to name everything as you wish, also names on mixer channels would be useful.