multicore or DSP support ?

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Hello, I want to master songs directly in Mulch (with automation)or want to use CPU intensive plug-ins. Some of the plugins have a native version and a TDM version (TDM=a format, like VST, Au. Only it´s not using the CPU but DSP hardware) If Audiomulch would support TDM, these Plugins could save CPU so that there were no need to look on the CPU load. Every TDM- Version costs much more money then the Vst-Version and their hardware, too, and they produce a delaytime between input and output of the plug-in.

The normal intel-processors have more than one core. But only the first is used, if the programm(audiomulch) didn´t support multicore. I didn´t found something about future- developements in the processor-technology, but I think making one core faster as 3,4 Ghz isn´t in reach(I don´t mean the turbo-boost), because the processor is getting to hot.

Are 1-4 Samples of delaytime much (my DSP-plug-in)?
I have no 3,4 Ghz processor- is it fast enough?
Do you have planned anything like the TDM-support?
Would a TDM version work if its supported in mulch but there is no VST, but AU support by the plug-in?

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I'm afraid I don't understand all of your questions, but here are some answers:

There are are no current plans to support digidesign plugin formats (RTAS, TDM, AAX). This includes both native and TDM/AAX hardware.

Multicore support is likely to happen in the future. It will not be in the next version (2.2, released in the next few months) but it may happen later this year, at least in some kind of experimental beta form.

AudioMulch does not really target mastering applications at this time. For example there is no latency compensation between parallel contraptions/plugins and this may be a big issue for time aligning mastering effects.